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Need a ramp for your storage building? Looking for tips on selecting the best style for your needs?  Maybe you are looking for ideas on how to level your storage building.  Click on the how-to links below to read details and get free drawings!

Checkout the links on the left. A good set of plans makes life easier and will help give you the professional results your labor deserves. Buy one of our plans or one of the recommended books.   

Ramp Plans 

Build a ramp like the one pictured here.  It's easy to build and will make getting in and out of your building much easier.  The ramp width and length can be easily modified to fit any storage building. 
How-to Ramp Plans


Pole Barn Basics

Checkout this page to get the answers  for some basic questions about pole barns. We will periodically be expanding this barn construction information to give you greater details. 
Facts about pole barns

Steps for leveling a storage building

Easy to use steps for leveling a storage building. This is one of the most important things that you can do to obtain quality results from your construction efforts.
How-To Level Your Barn

Nails for Barns and Storage Buildings

Select the best nails to use in constructing your barn. The correct nials will imporve the look and reduce the maintenace requirments over the years.
How-to Select Nails

Double Door Plans

Later in the year we will have a set of plans you can print for standard 4' by 6' double doors.  These doors can easily be adapted to any storage building. The door sizes can also be readily changed.  

Hand Tools for You

"To do good work, one must first have good tools." - Chinese proverb
Not only do good hand tools enhance quality, they save you lots of time! We have teamed up with to bring you a tool catalog that highlights some of our hand tool recommendations. Checkout the great reviews and details for the tools you want. Amazon offers quality tools at very good prices. We frequently buy tools from for the convenience and cost savings.

Our Tool Recommendations

Check this page often. We will be adding How-to information to this page as we expand this web site.

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