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Pole Barn Buildings

Storage Buildings

If you choose this type of building, you will get a framed wooden floor.  And like your house, the walls of a storage building are framed with 2 x 4’s or 2 x 6’s.  

You have the option of what type of roof you want on your building:  Gable Roof or Barn Roof.

If you choose this type of building, poles are set in the ground and the walls are formed with horizontal lumber between these poles.  The floor can either be left as bare dirt, straw, bark, etc., or you can pour a concrete foundation.  One big advantage of a Pole Barn is that you can build on a slope!

Pole Barn Plans come with your choice of Gable Roof or Shed Roof.

Storage Building Framing Barn Roof

Storage Building with Barn Roof

Pole Barn Framing Gable Roof

Pole Barn Building with Gable Roof

All Buildings Shown On This Site Were Built By Me and My Blackberry Meadows Crew.

We Sell Pole Barn Plans and Storage Building Plans.

What’s The Difference?

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Detailed Drawings -- Side walls, end walls, roof, roof rafters, doors, and window framing.

Floor Layout  –  Detailed drawing of the floor framing for storage buildings and the pole layout for pole barns.

Material List – Complete list of the required materials you will need to purchase.

Cut Lists  –  Provides you a convenient list of the material cut lengths.

Accessory Details – For adding windows, doors and other accessories.

Building Lengths -  Easily adjustable!  Just select the barn width plan you need and, if necessary, easily adjust the length to a custom building size.

Full Size Roof Rafter Angle Templates  –  This makes the roof rafter angle cuts easy!  Just mark the angle using the pre-measured template and cut!  No need for a protractor.

Watch this YouTube video about my book!

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